Mera Bharat Mahan

India won the world cup!!

Yippeee!! I won the cricket world cup for my country today. I feel happy after a long, hard fought battle. I defeated the mighty Aussies by chasing 191 in the leagues, then chased 183 by Pakis in the semis and then defeated Sri Lankans in the finals by beating 210. Willow man!!

Feel inspired? Try it –


Flex Seminar in India: Really?

I just received an email from inviting me to the Macromedia Flex seminar to be held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (as the invitation says).

I am happy to note that MM+Adobe continue to focus on RIAs and are luring the developer community with their very promising Flex. After doing a bit more googling on this seminar, I doubt the authenticity of the email itself!

No one in the world (even Macromedia) is talking about it. The email has come from some I tried to open this website. It says “This area is under construction. Come back soon”.

Is Flex seminar such a secret affair that everyone is tightlipped about it and only email invitations are sent. Or, did I just hit a very professionally done hoax?


Okay. After seeing that stupid “coming soon” image for more than a year now, today I bent myself to set the ball rolling. Guys! I, too, have a blog now. C’mon hit me!

Satisfied? Nuh… have to do so many sections and so many improvements to get what I want – projects, gallery, articles, new template … grrrrr.