Flex Seminar in India: Really?

I just received an email from flexseminar@macromediaindianet.com inviting me to the Macromedia Flex seminar to be held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (as the invitation says).

I am happy to note that MM+Adobe continue to focus on RIAs and are luring the developer community with their very promising Flex. After doing a bit more googling on this seminar, I doubt the authenticity of the email itself!

No one in the world (even Macromedia) is talking about it. The email has come from some macromediaindianet.com. I tried to open this website. It says “This area is under construction. Come back soon”.

Is Flex seminar such a secret affair that everyone is tightlipped about it and only email invitations are sent. Or, did I just hit a very professionally done hoax?

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