Moment of Truth

Well, monsoons are in sight after a scorching Delhi summer (forgive me for my optimism – they are at least 20 days away). Time has been passing by and, I have not been doing a lot of things. A quick inventory:

I have not been blogging for a month now.
I have not started any work on some brilliant ideas.
I have not been managing my money well. In fact, it’s draining down in a plunging stock market.
I have not taken good care of my car. Its AC doesn’t cool well. It doesn’t run very fast. And, it gobbles up an obscene amount of fuel.
I have not taken a vacation yet.
I have not been able to sit down and think and devise a strategy for the future.
I have not been able to catch up with old friends.

Ha! Just discovered – blogging is such a great tool to know for yourself what you have not done, what you can’t do and what you shouldn’t do. Blogging is an art.

Anyway, what to do now? Nothing. Step back. Reload. Fire. Blog.

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