Sahara One or OneR?

Today, I watched Yahan, produced by Sahara One Motion Films. What? No.

Today, I watched Yahan, produced by Sahara Oner Motion Films. What? No. Not possible.

Today, I watched Yahan, produced by Sahara One Motion Films. What? …

Yeah man, thats the confusion. I am confused whether the entertainment division of Sahara group is called Sahara One or Sahara Oner. Their logo and wherever their name comes in an official sense, it is called Sahara Oner. Else, it is promoted as Sahara One. And look at their logo below – how small and invisible that R is:

Aint a big deal obviously – but something very very interesting. You never know what these biiiig media houses cook up these days! As a note, Sahara OneR seems to be producing every second bollywood movie.

As another note, Yahan is a good movie. Nice smooth story. No logical glitches. Good acting by most, specially the small girl Sri who plays sister of Ada, the leading lady. Ada is too white and looks like painted with that makeup throughout. But she acted well. Also, Kashmir looks beautiful in the movie. Go watch it on a nice day. Won’t be a load on you!

3 thoughts on “Sahara One or OneR?

  1. Well I noticed that too on friday while watching Mangal Pandey @ PVR Vikaspuri. I was thinking, how could they do such a disaster…

    Later I noticed it at other places like tv and their website as well. I am sure there is some reasoning/significance behind it…

  2. hey was wondering if you could send me the correct address of the prograame shown on Sahara One it’s called “Bolien Sitarein”


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