Why do most of the installers, when showing the “Software License Agreement” screen, show the “NOT accepting” option as default? I just don’t see a purpose in doing that. It does not, in any way, force me to read the blah blah crap. And it just increases number of clicks required by 1. Some wise guy please make me understand this!

P.S.: Yes, this is pure outrage.

3 thoughts on “Insanity.

  1. Cos then agreeing to the terms requires a conscious decision rather than just having someone clicking next repeatedly and skimming over it. It protects the developers from people accusing them of being sneaky!

    What is outrageous is that these things are necessary in the first place!..

    This may be of interest:

  2. I disagree. It just increases number of clicks by 1. All I have to do is to click ‘yes’ and then click ‘next’. I dont think one will give a call to one’s conscience to do this!

  3. Just to make sure that the developer(s) can catch you in a legal fray anytime they want. Trust me on this, most people violate these agreements after clicking “I Agree” button.
    Anyway, how much extra effort is it? Don’t you think writing the blog took more effort? :-p
    Btw, reached here through Orkut (Delhi Bloggers Community).

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