MindCanvas Released into Beta


Guys! This is news!

We at Uzanto have rolled out MindCanvas. MindCanvas is an online research tool for anybody and everybody looking to get information architecture design, product design, brand positioning etc. research done in awesomely quick time with awesome results. With clever implementation of Game-like Elicitation Methods (GEM), it digs deep into your customer’s mind, thereby gaining otherwise impossible insights of how and what they think about your product/website. The whole survey taking experience is based on classical concepts of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and is written in Flash, thereby creating a compelling, engaging and satisfying user experience. And the cherry on the cake – it analyzes all the data collected using proven statistical methods and generates visually appealing and interactive ‘deliverables to go’ which you or your designers can use to play with the data. All this with rapid turnaround time. I mean it.

Read more about MindCanvas at Rashmi’s blog – she describes the vision behind GEM.

Jon also has written comprehensively about the vision behind MindCanvas and it being a RIA here.

Get a complete picture here.

Ask me if you don’t understand anything – spent over an year on this now! : D

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