Crazy Delhi Traffic

I just love my car’s brakes and also that of the car behind me, for they saved me at least twice today, if not more.

Man, Delhi traffic is soon (I mean very soon) getting dangerous. Jams, bad roads etc dont look like a big pain to me now, for they just slow you down. My biggest concern is the sudden halts in which you need to come from 60+ to 0 in less than 2 seconds. And also expect the guy behind you to do the same. Or else, what starts is a New York style chain smashing, one-by-one. Front and rear gets badly damaged. And you sit inside feeling concussions. I have been thru one and hence, I know how it is. Wasnt physically challenging, but it burnt a hole in my pocket!

The reasons for this could be many – bad lighting on roads and hence ppl spot a hurdle (like a big stone which fell off from the road partition) right when they are about to run it over OR a mad frustrated rickshaw puller coming into your lane without bothering to look at you OR (this is the funniest one) the guy ahead of you sees a road mantainence vehicle in his lane and keeps on moving at 80 until he is really close to it and thats when he realizes that the vehicle is actually not moving! screeeeeeech! booooom!

I am betting on Delhi Metro to make driving in Delhi a pleasure that once it was. Till then, God, keep me safe!

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