MulletedHmmm… I thought the main page was getting too damn long, and also people didn want to read all of the older content. So, I mulleted the main page. So now, the page shows 5 most recent posts and then gets tired and spits only post titles with hyperlinks. Nifty, eh?

Have done this through PHP code in template. Maybe making a plugin for this will be a good idea!

Here is a very good discussion on ‘blog mulletization’ on Jon’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Mulleted

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  2. This is an awesome idea (Jon recommended I check it out) but there’s 2 buts …

    1. I use WordPress’s hosted service. Can I use the mullet there? I don’t think we have that much control, right?

    2. It seems to me that mullet is the wrong term to use. A mullet infers short on top and long at the bottom. Wouldn’t that be shortened recent posts and long old ones?

    I reckon this is more of a mohawk. Long on top and short down below.

    Rick, feeling picky (;

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