AJAX, Bluetooth, 2 MegaPixel Camera, Printer, JPEG and Bugs!

Whack! I am going nuts?? No. All these things in the title are related. Here’s how:

We, at Uzanto, constantly keep testing and hardening our software. We often use a technique (which we indigenously developed) called Gangtest. Basically all guys in our team pick up a module in the application and test it independently looking for bugs, unexpected behavior etc. Later, we all convene and discuss our findings and list all notable things on the whiteboard that hangs towards my left. Then the person responsible for that module has to keep track and make sure the things listed are taken care of. Normally this involves noting down the findings somewhere other than the whiteboard so that it can be used for other purposes.

Yesterday we did a Gangtest of the AJAX module that I am making. So, at the end of it the whiteboard was full of things that I had to care of. I hated the idea of noting things down. So, I borrowed my colleague Kamal’s mobile phone (a Nokia 6270; he bought it recently), took snaps of the whiteboard using the phone’s ultra cool 2 MegaPixel Camera (nice high res caps), transferred the images (JPEGs) onto my PC using Bluetooth and asked the Printer to print them. Wow. I have snapshots of the whiteboard on paper. Awesome.

Frankly, this is the best of what I have been able to get out of technology till date in terms of getting real work done. Maybe getting a laptop and WiFi and using it to work freely will be next big leap.

2 thoughts on “AJAX, Bluetooth, 2 MegaPixel Camera, Printer, JPEG and Bugs!

  1. This reminds me of smething that hit Indian newspaper a few days back..I am referring to the AIIMS question paper leak..

    what happened there is as follows..
    – somebody carried a pen scanner ( a scanner built into a pen) into the exam hall & scanned the entire question paper
    – the scanned document was transferred to the cellphone by bluetooth
    – the cellphone sent out the scanned attachment via MMS
    – the MMS was received and printed out ; the answers were solved
    – answers sent back by SMS to the examination hall.

    see if you can bet this one next time

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