Unstoppable Dhoni. Unstoppable Sensex.

Well, ONLY two things are roaring in India these days – India’s wicketkeeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the Indian stock market.

Dhoni just raced to the number one spot in ICC rankings for ODI batsmen yesterday. This guy is the new rage to hit the subcontinent. Bowlers all over the world fear him. He has torn apart Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England over last 6 months. He is a fierce hitter and the best part (I think) is that he does whatever he does with a straight bat. No wonder, he has become a hero and his hairstyle just adds glitter to the sparkle. Just a thought – would love to see how he tackles the fast pitches in West Indies, Australia etc.

And now to the bull. Its running on booster rockets, it seems. Soaring about 4000 points from 8000 to 12000 in 8 months, the bull, has created history in Indian economy. And it aint stopping. Globally, India is still viewed as very favorable and the growth story is one of the best ones. In my opinion, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still too much money waiting to be deployed. There are going to be minor hiccups (as there have been already), but the bull will emerge more strongly eventually. Run bull run.

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