Working Out Makes You Play Better

{smug}{smug} Yes, its been a week now – I’ve started going to the gym near my place. Its kinda costly, but its worth it. Actually I grew really fat (and ugly) and wanted to get my slimmy interface back. So, decided to sweat it out. But thats not what this post is about.

I realized that working out in the morning not only helps you get your body in shape etc but also sets the right positive tone for the day ahead. Earlier, everyday passed with a guilt that I am doing nothing to get in shape – kinda depressive state – and that coupled with other niggles effected me as a whole. But now, with that one big guilt gone, my outlook towards the day ahead and life in general is changing. Also, somehow, flexing muscles in the morning forces the mind to think in a positive, swift and agressive fashion.

So, all those who want to break the bar – rise and rise early. Work out. Cuz it will make you play better!

9 thoughts on “Working Out Makes You Play Better

  1. Rock on, man!

    Going to the gym in the morning never works with my schedule (I find after work works best for me). BUT: one way to start your day that will give you the “gym effect” for 4 minutes of effort is to crank out 60 situps while listening to loud music.

    Once it becomes a habit, it takes no more effort than brushing your teath, because it’s automatic. And it means that when you DO go to the gym, you can skip the ab workout and concentrate on using the expensive upper-body / cardio machines that cost so much per month!

  2. Hey Kapil, ye waking up early and working out in morning is a gr8 idea. I am myself trying to join the 6 O’Clock club for some time but most of the time my watch beats me πŸ™‚

    Hey Jon, I like your idea of situps in morning as I am myself not a “gym going” kind of person. But when you said that it becomes a habit like “brushing your teeth”, you meant that one need to make a habit of brushing the teeth first?

  3. Well, From last month, I am facing the same problem of fat. Tried hard to wake up early in morning. but everytime stopped my alram and again gone for sleep. And late working in office stopped my evening walk.

    The idea of Debasish is really good. So from today no more samosa.

  4. πŸ™‚

    Even I have decided, I’ll walk to college (& back probably) every day. It is 1.5 mile away. WIth killing deadlines I don’t think it is possible but letting the thought churn in my head. I find gym too boring, non-happening, so no gym for me even though I pay for it thru’ my nose.

    P.S. I won’t mind samosas though : P

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