Share your slides with SlideShare

SlideShareTechcrunch says SlideShare rolls out today in beta. Wow!

SlideShare is an online tool to share your presentations. You just login and upload your presentations to SlideShare, add some tags to it, and in a few moments, they will be viewable by the whole world. Yes, it’s that simple. And once it’s shared, other people can comment on your presentations. More wow!

Thing which I love about SlideShare: you (or anyone) can embed shared presentations anywhere – on blogs, on websites, on portfolios, on conference pages etc etc. Click here to see an example. Watch my ‘Using MVC for AJAX Apps’ talk here. I uploaded it to SlideShare and then embedded it on my blog. Neat! Here’s another example:

Another cool feature: you can watch presentations in full-screen mode. While watching a presentation on SlideShare, just hit the ‘full button’ on the player and voila, it will blow up! Presentations look really nice and crisp when viewed in full-screen.

There are many presentation authoring and sharing tools available but they are pretty complex. SlideShare solves the problem of sharing presentations. Just what Flickr does to photos or YouTube does to videos.

As of now, you can upload PowerPoint (ppt), PowerPoint Shows (pps) and OpenOffice Presentations (odp). If you use Keynote, just save your presentation in ppt format and upload. We are going to add support for more formats soon!

Currently, SlideShare is an invite-only system. You can join only if you have invitation. Send me an email at kapil AT if you want an invitation or, request one here.

We have been working on this for a while now. The application is built in Ruby on Rails and you have lightweight Flash players to show the presentations.

Check out the SlideShare Blog to know more and stay current with updates. Here’s Jon’s post on SlideShare. Here’s Rashmi’s post. Here’s Amit’s post. Here’s Vish’s post.

I will keep adding more links to posts about SlideShare here in this post.

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Upload.

2 thoughts on “Share your slides with SlideShare

  1. This is interesting. I had read about Slideshare on a few days back. And today I was doing a google search on my name “kapil”. So I hit upon your website and I am glad to see that a cool application like Slideshare has been developed by your company.

    Although it’s a great tool, I haven’t yet got around to using it much. Not needed it as of yet. but it’s bookmarked for a day when I might want to share something useful with my blog audience.

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