More experiences from Linux Asia 07

Linux Asia was kinda cool place to be. You get a good feeling when you see hardcore geeks who know their stuff. Not many such types were there, but still.

Some interesting experiences / observations:

Microsoft and Google both hire bimbos to grace their stalls. Microsoft’s bimbos were better than Google’s. Arnab actually went and spoke to one at Microsoft’s booth and found out that she was from some event management company. Tough life.

Chorus: Internet situation sucks at IHC.

Met Philip Tellis from Yahoo! Interesting geek. Asked me if I was working with Uzanto on seeing my SlideShare tee! Cool! Figured out that he knew Rashmi and met her in Mountain View some time back.

Google guy Ashutosh Kulshreshtha distributed Google tees at the end of his talk on Google Maps API. Ask question, get a tee. This is somewhat vis-a-vis of what I did at Barcamp Hyderabad.

I wonder why noone from Ubuntu was here?

Thats it!

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