One XBox 360 for my bro

So, after long research, my brother finally decided to settle down for XBox 360. Yes, he’s been hounding me to get him a gaming console or upgrade the video card in his PC. I usually like specialization, and hence, agreed to get him a gaming console. I think that this move will make him play better, faster games with hardware suited to play games. Makes sense. I also think that this will enable him to use his computer for something other than gaming. Makes double sense. So, thats how it stands – he’ll have his XBox 360 soon.

Now, what made me write this post. This article over here –

Suddenly realized how cool it would be if the cable TV provider starts to provide games on TV on _watever_ business model. Sure death for gaming consoles.

4 thoughts on “One XBox 360 for my bro

  1. Well, the problem with PS3, afaik, is that modded PS3s are not available. So, it will run only original game cds. Wanted to avoid that.

    For drive, I think it will have a normal DVD player.

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