Heart of Gold

Sipping my last drink, whiskey
About to call it a day, goodnight
In the dim lights
Looking for sanity in the madness
What is it, that keeps tomorrow alive?
What is it?

It must be a heart of gold
That keeps the flame burning
That keeps the lane from turning

It feels like black paint, my world
Waves over my head, oh my mind
Vast endless ocean
Gasps of breath, and few more later
Thank god, dream it was
What is it, that wakes me up?
What is it?

It must be a heart of gold
It must be your heart of gold
That keeps the flame burning
That keeps the lane from turning

Some bread, some butter for the dog, Pepper
Walking by the crowd on empty streets
The wearing sun at moon’s place, again
Still searching for the light
Hoping to find someone back home
What is it, that keeps the feet moving?

It must be your heart of gold
That keeps the flame burning
That keeps the lane from turning

Losing ones dear to me, few left now
Growing old with heartache, time lapsing
Broken windows and shuttered doors
The fault lies within, within me
And the music to fix it, far away
What is it, that still plays the soothing piano?

Must be your heart of gold
That keeps the flame burning
That keeps the lane from turning

What is it, that sings the song?
And the birds dance?
Must be your heart of gold

What is it, that keeps the truth?
It’s your heart of gold

Oh… hum… your heart of gold
Yeah… it’s your heart of gold

Oh… yeah… heart of gold

— KM [July’18]

SlideShare announces support for videos

SlideShare is announcing video sharing support today. The announcement significantly changes SlideShare’s proposition from the place to share documents to the place for professional media sharing. This is an exciting and novel move into an important space which no other company has even attempted to support.

video on slideshare

View more videos from Jonathan Boutelle.

The video support is going to be extended to the LinkedIn as well. So, now, you can use SlideShare LinkedIn App to share your professional videos on LinkedIn.

SlideShare CEO, Rashmi Sinha is breaking out the news at Web 2.0 Expo in her keynote. Apart from video support, SlideShare is also announcing better support for iPhone/iPad and other smart devices.

Hope you have a good time using SlideShare!

Press coverage / Blogs:

Puppet hackday @ SlideShare Delhi

All sysadmins / backenders: Puppet hackday is happening at SlideShare Delhi office on March 13th. http://www.barcamp.org/Puppet-HackDay-Delhi

Its a 1 day event in Barcamp format. There is a talk by Luke Kanies, founder and CEO, Reductive Labs (guys who make puppet). There is going to be a competition at the end of the event and SlideShare is giving away iPod touch as prize! http://blog.slideshare.net/2010/03/10/luke-kanies-speaking-at-puppet-hackday-delhi-this-weekend/

Sign up here http://www.barcamp.org/Puppet-HackDay-Delhi if you’re coming.

Using SlideShare to promote your business

SlideShare today launches SlideShare BusinessLeadShare and AdShare – two incredible tools to promote your business. This is SlideShare’s business model. After 3 years and some rapid traffic growth, this seems to fit the bill.

Simply put, LeadShare is a way to collect leads for your business while users are watching your documents on SlideShare or embedded anywhere on the web. The information you can collect from the lead is customizable with option of asking upto 5 custom questions. Cost per lead varies with the details you want from the user, starting from as low as $1 per lead.

AdShare lets you promote your documents alongside similar documents on SlideShare. You can think of it as ‘adsense for documents’. So, assuming that a user is watching a document on SlideShare, your business pitch/document will have a chance to show up as the ‘next document’ on the same webpage. A ‘chance’ since your document will have to go through a series complex algorithms based on similarity, category targeting and CTR performance in order to show up at the top. Right now, every click on a promoted document costs $0.25 for worldwide targeting and $0.35 for country specific targeting – pretty darn cheap, IMHO.

Yes guys, this is social media generating business for you! The two products are patent pending and going to see constant improvements based on your feedback and experience. Hope you have a terrific time using them. Go, try ’em here.