Using SlideShare to promote your business

SlideShare today launches SlideShare BusinessLeadShare and AdShare – two incredible tools to promote your business. This is SlideShare’s business model. After 3 years and some rapid traffic growth, this seems to fit the bill.

Simply put, LeadShare is a way to collect leads for your business while users are watching your documents on SlideShare or embedded anywhere on the web. The information you can collect from the lead is customizable with option of asking upto 5 custom questions. Cost per lead varies with the details you want from the user, starting from as low as $1 per lead.

AdShare lets you promote your documents alongside similar documents on SlideShare. You can think of it as ‘adsense for documents’. So, assuming that a user is watching a document on SlideShare, your business pitch/document will have a chance to show up as the ‘next document’ on the same webpage. A ‘chance’ since your document will have to go through a series complex algorithms based on similarity, category targeting and CTR performance in order to show up at the top. Right now, every click on a promoted document costs $0.25 for worldwide targeting and $0.35 for country specific targeting – pretty darn cheap, IMHO.

Yes guys, this is social media generating business for you! The two products are patent pending and going to see constant improvements based on your feedback and experience. Hope you have a terrific time using them. Go, try ’em here.

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