Notes from Barcamp Delhi

Whew! Barcamp Delhi happened today. And what an amazing event it was! If you missed it, you missed something. Many thanks to Amit, Jon, Gaurav and Manik for planning the whole thing. Love to Adobe for their infrastructure and great food. It was heartening to see so many people speaking on so many cool things. Knowledge was flowing in all directions. In my opinion, Barcamp Delhi is a runaway hit. Bangalore, we beat ya!

I heard sessions on AJAX, MindCanvas, RIA and FLEX, Blogging Network, Web 2.0, Open source web application testing, Blog monetization, Micro-content, Structured blogging and knowledge management. There were more sessions but since they were split between two rooms, so I was able to attend these ones only. I would have loved to blog the action live from there, but I couldnt since I dont have a laptop. Somebody PLEASE donate me a laptop (second hand/old ThinkPad/HP/Dell will do). PLEASE contact me if you are generous enough. I will appreciate your gesture!

I gave a talk on how to develop MVC based AJAX applications. Basic point was that people tend to use AJAX as a one shot fancy improvement to their existing web projects. However, to build enterprise RIAs in AJAX we need more serious thought and follow proven software development practices. So, I demonstrated how we can leverage the proven MVC architecture to build robust, scaleable, modular and maintainable RIAs. It looked like only techies attended the talk, which was expected. Going by the things that came up in QA and the discussions that it led to, I assume that the talk was well received. Here are the powerpoint slides of the talk (261KB).

I will blog more about what happened in other sessions. Soon.

Meanwhile, checkout photos from the event at Flickr. They even have pics from the booze party which happened later!

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