And now, a 26″ LCD TV

Yea, my bro needs it to plug it with his XBox 360 and watch DVDs, my mom needs it for clearer, better TV experience and I need it for … umm … dunno!

Anyway, so its happening. I’m evaluating 26″ LCD TVs these days. I always knew there is one for me around the corner, but this is happening a bit sooner than I anticipated. I’ve zeroed-in on two models – Sony KLV-26V300A and LG 26LC7D, and am not too sure which one to buy. LG seems to be beating Sony on technical front but Sony’s brand name is unbeatable. What do you guys think? Help me out yaar…

Sony KLV-26V300A    LG 26LC7D

10 thoughts on “And now, a 26″ LCD TV

  1. Sony for sure. It’s really a no brainer.

    However, go for full HD (1080px) if possible. I am personally not interested in HDTV’s right now coz it’s almost useless in India right now… there are hardly any movie titles in HD right now and mainstream TV transmission isn’t HD too.

    A time-frame of 2 yrs is what I am looking at. You’ll see a steep drop in TV prices over time.

  2. just dont buy a 26″ lcd tv, doesnt really make much sense, the experience is not what you would have hoped for, and paid for, go for atleast the 32″ one!!

    sony, for me is the de facto for tv, u dont need to think much, those guys know there job very well, and have been at it for long 😉 so go for it, and as gaurav says, its hd ready as well!!!

  3. @Kaa Thanks for writing in. What makes you say LG sucks big time. Anything specific which disappointed you?

    @Saurabh, Kenny, Gaurav Thanks for chiping in with your opinion. Surely, sony looks like a winner among people over here.

  4. hey Kapil,

    get married you will get there n then dude….why to hunt for small sized LCD’s you will get a proper home theater with surround sound and sound proof walls….

    so wht you have to say now…???

  5. LG definitely has an upper edge when picture quaility is concerned. I think that must be the criteria for selection. Anyopne who says Sony must first see both the LCDs simultaneoulsy. I was also searching for the same specs and thats what I feel. Whats your opinion and decision?

  6. I don’t think you will get a full HD compatible LCD (1080p) in the screen size you are looking for (26″). AFAIK full HD is available only on screens >= 42″. All you can hope for is to get a 720p screen 🙂 As far as LG vs Sony, i personally think Sony’s are WAY overpriced :p

  7. Even SOny people admit that Sony is overpriced for teh current product offering they have, they do it well certainly, but are we going to use their Product, specifically TV for more than 5 years, then why spend so much for long life performance.

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