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I was driving to work today morning and as usual was stuck in my favorite jam. And, awk! I saw a Fiat Padmini Premier beside me. Man, people still drive this thing? I remember sitting in my uncle’s Padmini some 20 years back! Its remarkable that this car has run for so long. Anyway, did some googling. Somebody wants to sell it. Somebody wants to buy it too!!

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  1. Please dont under estimate Premier Padmini. What if its old? Its still better than Maruti 800 or any other 796cc car. padmini is still widly used (even after its production stopped in 1995) and that proves that it is a good car.

      1. Which car engine is fit to the fiat premier padmini engine room…. plz tell me I am a mech student and I’ll searching to buy a premier padmini…. if u suggest I’ll buy it soon

  2. Hey Man,
    I’ve got a Fiat Padmini Premier.Even Though its an old vehcile. It runs like a Jet. Thats why I’ve decided to modified it. Ihave chaged its bumperswith the huge ones, Hood, roofscoops and a sports type desingned paint and a vinyls. I adore fiat for its prformance

  3. i don’t have this car but i am really desperate to buy this car…. i simply love this car…. its moreover my girl friend……

    1. i have a white premier padmini fiat std. and i want to sell. its white in color with single color steering gear and single hand driven 1995 model. I want to sell it because it will get rotten if not used.
      I also have premier padmini ne118 also if interested then do contact for price.

  4. I too own a fiat although my father wanted to sell the i have kept it and am planning to modify it . i am very happy to see so many PADMINI lovers and am happy not to be alone. i want to keep the identity of the padmini yet modify it because i love it.

  5. i have a fiat which is better than some of the newer cars. i have modified the car but retained some of the good features of fiat. i have changed interiors, fitted a AC, Power steering, MP3 Player. I maintain a minimum of 100 KMPH on highways. even in city i maintain a good speed without bothering about dents. Second look guaranteed.

    1. I want to have a power steering for my 137d could you suggest me reg. that, I’m in coimbatore tamilnadu

    2. Hi Saurabh, please let me know how & where to get a power steering installed for a Premier Padmini also the cost.

  6. hai my father buyed a fiat modal 1979 modal i thik i aged to 35 years but it going in a smooth condition , but my father thinks it get him a prestige problem so that he want to sell it but i dont allow him , i planed 2 modify it extanal look by adding vinlys and extra if u had a fiat than contact me for more info

  7. Hi Evry Body,
    Me too having a Padmini 1988 car that I got from my elder brother( When he purchased new car) It runs great. I love this car. I am alos interested to modify it for more power & may be body & chassis reinforcement ( to extend its life & add strength to cope up bad roads here) Mr Prakash / Mande will you please guide me for necesary modification….

  8. Hey guys, I own a Prmier padmini model 1989, due to fuel price hikes, was willing to sell it and buy another small car, but a person in my neighbourhood suggested me not to sell it, but to convert it to LPG,so i just converted to LPG off course, RTO approved kit , but not approved from RTO, and i am going to use it now.As well as i am going to modify it for my daily use, my vehicle just requires a new paint ( a stylish one)

  9. Hello,
    I have a 1998, S1-Executive mode, White Padmini and still in excellent condition. It has run just 45,454 kms so far and still looks brand new. Even now when I take this out, the people turn their head and the pick up is as comparable to the new model cars. I also get 15 km/pl mileage and I prefer to drive this more than my ford ikon.
    But only thing is the rising petrol prices and this has what let down this beautiful car, but I still love this car and wont sell this in a lifetime…

  10. modelled in n195 n still running in india n a few third world countries…
    infact ppl who still drive it will say its no different frm the modern car.
    bad suspension at the rear n electricals are the major draw backs.
    still as fast or even faster than a maruti 800 or omni.
    good ac //fitting…
    did 80000 kms before the first rebor….
    still giving a good 11 kms after overhaul..
    what else does one need???

  11. Hi Kapil,
    I also own a Padmini 1992 model. I can still drive it at a good 115 kmph. Recently I started thinking of modifying it to the rally sport.
    Change interiors, gear box, alloy wheels and the stuff. I am from Pune. I donot know where u r from but if u r from but it would be great if u could send me some details as to how to go about this modification task.

  12. dear Kapil…
    i have a 1992 white padmini which has run approx 45000 km.. its still going strong…it used to be driven by my father …now not in use. as am quite tall (6′ 2.5in) am not confortable while driving it…am intrested in modifying it…like the seats, say power steering…and so on…any inputs u can share….am from pune…

  13. Hey All,

    Glad to know that their are so many lover for the Premier Padmina alias Fiat. I recently laid my hand on a 1991 Premier Padmini of my relatives who wanted to sell it off. I intend to modify to the comfort as I love this car beacuse in spite of earlier poor maintanennce it still runs smooth. I drove 300 KM recently non stop and it gave me fantastic mileage and speed.

    Does anybody knwo about good mechanics in Hyderabad, who can help me getting my vehicle modified.

    Thanks and Regards,


  14. hi..all fiat padmini lovers,i was having 1979 model which gave me 11kmpl,but now i have replaced it with 1995 model with AC fittings,and you cant believe it gives 15kmpl.

  15. hi, I have been using premier padmini 1977 model, though its a very old car i had reparied totally with the body work done and a new engine fitted,and the suspension with electrical fitting too……it gives a great pleasure drive whenever i go on a drive…..I had bought that ar when i was in collage because i had to go on drives with my girlfriend and i was a student and din’t have much to spend at that time,so i took this PALPadmini……..i have loads of memories with it but touch wood it never stopped on way like even maruti does u know…….hassel free and a lovely car though old ut gives a pleasure than a new stuff…..

  16. The Fiat – Premier Padmini’s, President and BE’s are Petrol run. Is there any proud owner of 137D or any modified diesel engine run Fiat’s. Am planning to buy a diesel runone. Any one selling 137D 1996 model the one’s with Floor shift, Bucket seat and Sinchronised gear box?

  17. Hello all!!

    We are planning to buy a used out-dated Premier Padmini, or 118 NE car. Now I would like to know about how much will it cost to convert it into a car contains all the features of what nowadays cards does has (like Power Steering, Bucket seat, AC, CD Player etc). Please someone tell in details about these parts with price.

    And also please which Fiat used car is the best buy will be.

  18. I have read many good reviews of Premier Padmini on MouthShut and have researched it on CarWale and found it a better car than 800 at least! Despite of knowing that this car is dated and I can afford a far newer car, I am kind of inclined towards Padmini. Do you think it would be a wise decision to go for a Fiat Padmini at this time?

  19. Hi , it was really great to read the reviews about fiat padmini, feels even better if you own one .I have a Fiat padmini really old one ,it is a 1970 model. The car is real amazing to drive .It has a great pickup .,my car dosent average well though just 8 to 10 kmpl. Iove my fiat padmini.

  20. i own a 1988 premier padmini. i simply love this timeless beauty. i simply love her exhaust note. recently i have fitted an expansion chamber (straight through type) and boy! she is moving pretty good! and dont ask me about the exhaust note!

  21. I own a 1991 premier padmini well maintained but never got the engine overoiled the car does devlop a few squeek’s and tweeks due to my rough handelling over every few years and i get the suspension done and it is as good as new the car has served me well over 1,80,000. Km and travelled all over india in longest drive was of 2800 km at a single strech which i covered in 5 days and with ampel amount of rest in the night and even after all that long journey’s and drives on all terain conditions my car still gives me a good 14 Kmpl and guess what still touches a good speed of 110 kmph i wonder how it may perform once i get the engine done up I would say it is a wonderful car even with the king of simple technology it has in it. I love my CAR and will love it for ever.

  22. Hi all,

    I am Subhankar from Kolkata, I own a ’88 (new model) Premier Padmini in excellent condition. Travelled only 43,700 km. Excellent pickup, super interior, exterior and electricals. It is still “Queen of the road”.

    Due to some financial problem I want to sell it in a very nominal price. Interested people can contact me over phone 9831881880 or email me at

  23. hey guys ,
    i own a padmini(90) model , the one with the floor gear factory fit air cons and stuff ,
    lookin to overhaul the engine , &suspension , plannin to put in power stearin ,
    and carry out other body modifications,
    any of u guys know people in BANGALOREwho cud carry out the task,and moreover,
    which engine wud be suitable for the fiat….
    somethin thats fast and efficient>>>>
    well the stock engine gives a bad milage of 8-9kpl,and the pickup is abslutly bad ,lota interna l prblms>>>
    lookin for somethin powerfulll>> pls send in info

  24. Great stuff – there certainly are numerous people who love and appreciate the Old Lady. Mine is a 1994 floor shift with seperate bucket seats. Can run on LPG and regular petrol. Creamy white and lovely to drive with the sports sttering wheel.

    Would like to get in touch with other Fiat lovers – to share news and views etc

  25. hi all,
    m glad to now such a huge fan following for a such a simple car ….but belive me its the best car on indian road …my dad bought this beauty (1977) model in 1990 ( second ) …but guys this car is running in floods n potholes wid out stopping . guys personal experience on 26th july in mumbai when all cars stopped on road ( fancy one’s ) my vehicle took me to my place in knee deep waters……the exhaust was submerged but it still retain its criusin in the water …all the public on the road was lookin at me ….(maybe cursing why v sold this beauty ) its awesome ……..i have fitted a ac n cd player ….its all fine ….just need a body n paint job …coz of floods…can any1 tell me good paint ?????? replies awaited…

  26. hello all of u,

    we own a 1970 model padmini which we dont want to sell cause it is very close to our hearts and is serving us for a long time . Instead we r looking for some really cool car modifier in kolkata who can give our car a great look and put up some permanant solution to some of the technical snags ,our car had been suffering for a long time.if anybody know anyone like this pls mail me at “” .

  27. Happy New Year every one,

    I am a software engineer, living in Hyderabad. Ever since I started living in this city I have been driving Premier Padmini cars, simply thanks to my great friends Yadgiri and Govinda who run a garage in Arvind Nagar, Domalguda, Near NTR stadium. They are supposed to be the best mechanics in Hyderabad city to maintain any Premier product. You can reach them on 40 27661692 or 9849750732.


  28. hi .im plannin to buy a car in pune itself so i thought ill get it modified,so plz give me ur contact no and officen address.i also have an idea to get a contessa modified.if that can happen then we shall talk for it or atleast for my new car

  29. Hello Everybody,

    I own a 1968 Fiat 1100. It was then that Premier Automobiles started using the current body shape on Fiat 1100. My car has original Italian engine. Has been with me since 1983. Once, it had been under flood waters for 2 months. After about 6 months, nothing of its seats and electricals was left. But using a spare battery, it cranked to life in second attempt itself.

    I really like this car. Though we have newer cars in our family, we still love our Fiat.But, sadly, it is in need of a full body overhaul. It is at present stationed at Ludhiana. If somebody could help me with a body kit of Premier Padmini, I would be highly obliged. If somebidy from Ludhiana here, do contact me at As I stay at Delhi, I know about Mayapuri and Chandni Chowk. But it will be difficult to shift a body kit from here to Ludhiana. Please help!

  30. hello everybody,
    once going to our farmhouse we had two cars one maruti gypsy king (driven by a famous car showroom owner of delhi), and other a fiat, we started together,i was in gypsy we stopped for 5-7 minutes for refuelling of gypsy, made fun of the fiat all the way, we were not sure weather the fiat will reach the destination some 50 kms without any technical snags leave alone reaching on time……but when we reached at the farmhouse we were surprised “the FIAT people were already there waiting for us ”
    salute to the makers of this great car

  31. Hi. I am a Padmini lover. Really wanna buy this car. If any body from Kolkata is interested to sell this car in good condition & all up-to-date papers then please email me with car’s current condition and your asking price (should be bet. 10-15k)

  32. Hi,

    I would like to buy a PADMINI 118NE.
    Can any one of you please let me know the IF’s and BUT’s of 118NE.
    When i said that im going to buy 118NE, buy friend are making fun out of me, but im firm to buy it. Please give a good direction and information. Thanks for your valuable time.
    EMAIL to “”

  33. Hi I am interested in fitting an AC to my redoe Premier Padmini. Can anyone let me what capacity AC is required and what is the coast associated.

    Thanks and Regards


  34. I had purchased a 2nd hand Padmini Deluxe BE 1991 model in the year 2000. I paid Rs. 30,000/- and the first owner had by that time driven it for 21,250 kms. I am quite satisfied with its performance and wish to continue with this car. The only apprehension is the vailability of spares in future. Even now the available spares are not as durable as it used to be earlier.

  35. I forgot to add that my brother in law drives a Padmini too. 1989 model purchased second hand in the year 1995. Its also giving a great service.

  36. I have 118 ne 95 with A/c, Man its amazing, Not to worry about dents. Power , space. Am just loving it …

  37. Hi, I own a 1992 Premier Padmini & love it sooo much. This vehicle is converted to LPG & is giving 300 Kms to 1 cylinder.

    FIAT stands for — Fit Item at All Times.

  38. hello all of u,

    i have a padmini in runing condiction which we dont want to sell cause it is very close to our hearts and is serving us for a long time . Instead we r looking for some really cool car modifier in delhi who can give our car a great look, if anybody know anyone like this pls mail me at

  39. hi all,

    am from kerala. i bought a 1990 premier padmini petrol car two years back. its very powerful in climbing hilly roads in full load even in third gears and often in second gear.I maintain a speed of 100 Km/hr in highways ..iam planned to sell this car and buy a new car…But now i think i shud not sell it..its just amazing. i Am planning to modify my fiat..

    but i cant find any of the modified fiat pics in the net…
    So friends please help me out with some nice pics of premier padmini…PLZ PLZ PLZ………

  40. hi all,

    am from kerala. i bought a 1990 premier padmini petrol car two years back. its very powerful in climbing hilly roads in full load even in third gears and often in second gear.I maintain a speed of 100 Km/hr in highways ..iam planned to sell this car and buy a new car…But now i think i shud not sell it..its just amazing. i Am planning to modify my fiat..

    but i cant find any of the modified fiat pics in the net…
    So friends please help me out with some nice pics of premier padmini…PLZ PLZ PLZ………

    My EMAIL ID is

  41. dear fiat comrades,

    Premier padmini is with me since 1991(model 1989). I am enjoying it.

    I love long drive. to be frank it never gave any trouble in the highway.

    Even Some minor repairs happen, I found some mechanic work shop near by.

    I wonder! Thanks to designer. It is the ONLY ONE CAR, even though seems to be old,

    with running condition giving the pleasure of driving to the PROUD owners.

    Enjoy driving our favourite Premier Padmini!n- All the Best.

    b jayaraman chennai

  42. I also own a Padmini 1990model. I can still drive it at a good 115 kmph. Recently I started thinking of modifying it to the rally sport.
    Change interiors, gear box, alloy wheels and the stuff. I am from Pune. I donot know where u r from but if u r from but it would be great if u could send me some details as to how to go about this modification no is 09760205211

  43. Hi, I recently got a Premier Padmini 1982 model from my Aunty and want to know more abut this old but great car, can i make it more fuel efficiant and easy steering.


  44. iv a 1975 premier padmini. its a fairly new engine (reworked). its a reliable car ( off course the electricals arent). once this car touches 80 km/hr driving speed.. therez lots of sound in the cabin of the car.. really not tolerable! could anyone tell me how to have this cabin sound reduced!
    another, how do u install airconditioning in such an old car?
    i want to install a new engine, wats the best alternative for hard core raw power?
    where in bangalore could i get a real good garage to carry out these modifications to the engine?
    thankyou guys! id be real oblidged to get all this information


  45. Dear All
    I am a software engineer working in Hyderabad. I want to buy one fiat and modify it. If any body knows pls make a call 9490926309.

    Thanks and regards

    S. Das

  46. Dear Kapil,

    I am from Chennai and I want to modify my premier padmini and give it a coupe look. Can you lend me some design where from I can have some idea?



  47. Dear fans of premier,
    I am using a premier padmini model of 1992. The performance of the vehicle is simply superb.

  48. To day (25/5/2008) we hv purchased a Padmini Premier. We all r passionate abt it.
    We r going to modify it. We love it. It’s so……….cool. u will see it our website soon


  49. To day (25/5/2008) we hv purchased a Padmini Premier(Model: -1965). We all r passionate abt it.
    We r going to modify it. We love it. It’s so……….cool. u will see it our website soon


  50. Padmini / 118 NE, you will never like to be apart from it, once you have driven it.
    just change to radial tyre, bucket seats, bumper, face lift of exterior lights, BET there is no other car on the india roads to beat it.

  51. Hi, All.

    I own a 1986 Premier Padmini. I live in pune. I wanted to find out the address of FiaT Owners club in Pune and also its phone no.
    If anyone knows it please send me the information on

  52. HI fiat fans,
    I am RAM from tamilnadu ,nattrasankottai .After Reading all here i am very intersted to buy Fiat 118NE.It is a majestig look and comportaple no one beat it on indian road .thanks to

  53. Hey Guys,

    My name is Ajay leaving in Mumbai, im interested in buying a premier padmini close to 90’s model excellent condition. Any help would be appreciated.


  54. Hi all the Guys :
    I’m interested to buy Fiat 118NE diesel, 1995 or later model only in Mumbai with very good running condition. please contact me at 09766399503 or mail me at



  55. Hi all,

    I am interested in buying an Premier NE 118 -after 1990 model in good running condition. I am from Chennai and I request friends to help me in getting a good vehicle from Chennai.

  56. Hello friends,

    Can anyone let me know a website where all great Premier Padmini Workshops, mechanics, parts and all are listed. I am a fan of this car which belonged to dad who departed a few years ago and I have been cheated so far by mechanics who did shoddy work and have not provided me any satisfaction. Please email me on Thanks for your help gentlemen. Ashutosh

  57. Hi

    I am from chennai and a proud owner of premier padmini fiat 137d.I want to know good mechs in and around chennai

  58. hi, i am a hardcore fan of premier padmini. live in chennai. wish to buy a padmini. call me at (0)9841587497.

  59. hey bugga,my first car was a fiat n i can tellya tat its way betta than any maruti in terms of performance though its not reely comfy….:)

  60. my dad in pune, wants to sell his fiat 1100D. its a mid 60’s model. great running condition. decent body work. any buyers? good price expected. you may take a look on prior appointment on09822012878.

  61. i required a diesel floor shited gear box with airconditioed car and it should be 137D model car at good condition. if available inform be at the earlist.

  62. i really need a fiat premier padmini (’95 model). the one with a 1100cc engine. i am just a student with a tight budget but please if anyone is out there and willing to sell it at under 25k please call me. i will be willing to purchase after may ’09. my number is 9962364860

  63. Hallow….. I too have a Premier Padmini 1994 Model with bucket seats/ Floor gears, German Carburator..and so on. I too feel very comfortable to drive it. It has RTO approved LPG kit & runs very smooth.I also just want to make some modifications, like A/C, Power steering & little change in interior & exterior. Please let me know, If any one has any reliable source who can do the job. I am using it in Pune.

  64. Hi everyone.

    We have a 1977 model which is in really bad shape.
    I have started the restoration process and I plan to keep everything orignal.

    No floor gear (i love the column gear) …no new engine…all as orignal as possible.

    I would really appreciate if you all can share your esperience in restoration. Anything that will help me plan the whole project and execute it in the best possible manner.

    I plan to start a small community where i will regularly post videos and picture of the restoration process..and share my own experience

    I would appreciate suggestions on body color and interior etc……where to buy parts, brand of parts, etc etc…

    Thanks to all in advance….

    Manish Vyas

  65. Dear Manish,

    Iam living in Tamil nadu / Thirunelveli dist.

    I have just purchased a 137D – 1997 model and she is very beautiful. coming to your queries only last week I put my vehicle in the work shop for necessary recondition.

    The following are the item wise cost for the job done.

    Suspension coil (from car breaking people) – 250.00
    Both side suspension arm fitted with new rubber kit (machine shop)- 1250.00
    All rubber kit for suspension TVS make one box – 478.00
    All lights/engine oil seal/acce cable/ diesel flex pipe/all wheel break seal kit/mass break cylinder seal kit/ timing belt and some more spares – 5200.00
    all four nozzle service – 100.00
    new battery ( Sonoc make) – 3600.00
    Radiator service – 300.00
    Break oil/engine oil/grease/coolant oil/diesel filters/oil filter – 1900.00
    auto work shop labour charges – 3500.00
    Plus some work which I dont remember, but altogether it worked out for me 20,000.00 and still I need to to little denting and one coat painting which will cost me 3000.00rs.

    One problem I faced is availability of original spares, so every time I need to travel 60 km to the near by town Tirunelveli to get original spares.

    I hope this will really help you. If you got any doubt please email me to

  66. Hi, I am a married guy living with parents. I live in a locality where there is no plying of City autos and the suburb autos refuse to take us into city. Hence I have decided to go for a car for the sake of family. There are lots of 800s and Omnis but the one I have circled is a Fiat Padmini which is not only lot more comfortable and practical than the others but good value too. Anybody, please, if you have a working condition Padmini contact me @ +919985872789, I live in Hyderabad’s Langarhouse area. I hope my good-intentional plea will not go unheard. My budget is 10,000 Rs. I know its peanuts for a car. But it is the amount that I can spent. It is my 1 month’s pay.


  67. Hey Sidharth,

    I too have a Premier Padmini with company fitted floor gear. did some overhauling of suspension and clutch. its a great car and i love it. you may write to me for more details.

    Thanks. Kiran.

  68. Dear All,

    My 137 D is running very well, but the window glass moving up and down in one window is very difficult even after changing a new gear unit. Can any one suggest me what next I can do to make a smooth operation of window glass.( The problem lies on front left window). If any one have any drawing of the wire rope fixing please forward.

    Thank you Fiat Premier Padmini enthusiasts.


  69. I need some advice on a fiat 1968 I recently bought. About the history of the model and the mechanics. I will be happy to chat with a like minded fiat fan and exchange notes. I live in mumbai but location is not really problem. There are a lot of old spares available here in Mumbai and expect a lot more to come into the market if taxis older than 25 years are not allowed to ply. Is there anything I should look for?
    my mail is

  70. Dear Asokan,

    Thanks for you advice.
    I am happy to say that you have come so far into your project, and would also like to add that I have managed to complete my restoration work on Diwali.

    The car is back home with new paint job, new light all around, bought seats from the Kurla market in mumbai. Though seats are used they still look brand new.
    You should visit Kurla market (chor bazaar) if you are looking for parts. Maybe someone you know who stays in Mumbai can help.

    I have posted pictures of my car on my Orkut profile.

    search for “Manish Vyas Ulhasnagar” in case the link dosnt work.

    I have also created a Community on Orkut called “Premier Padmini Enthusiasts”. This community is for like minded people who own a Padmini.

    I would like to request all users here to join the community and share your knowledge and comments and experiences.

    Good luck.

  71. Hello Suri,

    You should try and join Team-PHB website. You will find a lot of automotive enthusiasts from across India.

    I do have a circle of classic automotive lovers who own quite a few classic, jeeps cars and a lot more…


  72. HI

  73. From my experience, I understand that only Ambassador, Fiat padmini and Mahindra jeep are the vehicles for one opts for the life time. No present car can stand this long run.
    I appeal the new generation companies why you remake the old fiat padmini in a new style by preserving the original shape?
    My 137D is on the 17 th year, still giving 20-22kmpl diesel.
    It is a good vehicle indeed those who think about a big family, travel with luggage and for handy driving.

  74. Dear Friends,

    I am very glad to see all the above mentioned comments and experiences of various Fiat lovers. I have an old car FIAT – Premier Padmini of 1987 – Oct model, in very good condition. It gave me 15 / ltr Petrol. I dont like to dispose it, because I love this car which is very much comfortable and better than Maruthi omni and Maruthi 800. I am not using this for the past one and half years. I have a great desire to convert it to LPG Gas, but very difficult to get permission from RTA now a days. They will give permission to fix LPG only for the vehicles after 1992 model onwards. I am struggling what to do ? I appreciate some good suggestions. I am living in Secunderabad. My contact Mobile no. 99 85 66 68 69
    My E.mail. id :
    Secunderabad, 20th November, 2008
    Wishing you all the best. Prabhu

  75. I have also a Fiat Premier Padmini Car manufactured in 1973 which was handled by father himself.He feeled great pleasure when he had been running it on the road.Previously we had Ambassador,but it was exchanged by this Fiat.My father was the lover of Ambassador and Fiat car,so he preserved it.As he is no more,I keep maintenance of my Fiat.Now I have make it Tiptop as a brand new car.Nobody can pass a single comment about it.I feel proud that I have a Fiat Car!

  76. Dear friends,

    Thank you very much for your feed backs through private mails. My car’s job is 100% completed and last week I’ve driven the car from my native to Chennai( which is 600 Kms) and I felt like in heaven. The car was so well responded and I had a stop over after 350 kms, there was absolutely no problem and even it overtakes some the new generation cars, specially one ALTO was trying us for nearly 100km stretch, but finally they gave up. I am really proud of having such a wonderful car. Thanks to the mechanics who attended the full maintenance.

    I have one question, what is the tyre pressure to be maintained for Radial tyres of 137D? Please let me know.( I’m maintaining 26PSI, is it OK?)


  77. hi!!
    i too just bought a 1997 floor gear Model. Only thing to worry about is spares. But its tooooooooooo good. u cant compare any car with it on Indian roads. I want to modify it. can someone help. can i get new Bumpers any where?

  78. Dear Asokan,
    Thank you very much for your clear details about spares and service charges of fiat diesel 137D .It gives us most vital informations about fiat diesel car. I glad to know its power on road in long distance travelling.

    With Regards,

  79. Hi All,

    I am from bangalore and i have recently bought a 1956 Fiat Millicento. Please help in restoring this beauty and can anyone let me know where will i get the old tail lamps.

    Thanks in Advance

  80. I wanted to re register my 1993 fiat 137D from Kerala to Karnataka. But RTO wants original invoice for taxation purpose. Does any body is having an invoice for fiat 137D please send me in my mail id

  81. Hi All FIAIANS
    And all the fans of the fiat
    Im one of the die hard fan of FIAT Family
    I love my 1993 fiat primier padmini but now i want to modify my car
    can any bdy send me modified snaps of fiat that i can hv idea to modify
    I belongs to Rajasthan and i live in Nathdwara (Udaipur)
    I proud to be a part of this qute butyful smalll car’s Family
    Anurag Sanadhya

  82. Hey guys

    I still drive my dad’s fiat padmini (1985). Its just great. My mom suggested to give the car to maruti for exchange and buy an alto. I will never do that mistake. my mom will buy the alto but the fiat stays. the fiat company may have stopped but its legacy will continue forever. if fiat replicates this model i think the sales will beat all other car models.


  83. a very warm hi, to all my brothers who r a g8 fan of fiat cars and hv a pride to hv all premier car’s wl i also hv a NE -118 1995 model pet engine. n till date it’s like a brand new showroom cond car.and it give’s a tough compition to new car’s like Accent, honda city,esteem and all other sedan, all though i hv a black hyundai Accent 2005 model but driving Ne -118 is like any thing.
    wl i wish ki v all owner of these car’s should creat a club state wise n inter state to b in touch n to share experience’s n to share to hw to maintain it in today’s time when it’s hard to find mechanacies n spare part’s but in del i hv a sold source to get all part’s for these car’s. n it’s a v v v humble request to all premier car owners to help in creating a comunity n 1 day v wl proudly say that v also possess a vintage car wid us.
    my contact detail’s are as follows:-
    mail id is

  84. Hi all,

    My Dad is a proud owner of a 1984 Model Premier Padmini, serviced and maintained by me. While it was very easy to get good mechanics and spare parts in Mumbai, its equally difficullt for me to get an informed mechanic and spare parts in Delhi.

    Can anyone help me with some good mechanic’s number based in Delhi who is thorough on this car?

  85. hi, all i have padmini premier 1989 model petrol & i want to modify it into some sporty look so plz help me guys how much expence it will cost

  86. I have premier padmini 1991 model, in the year 1997 fitted with MAZDA PN11 diesel engine with 118NE gear box, the performance is quite good. Now I want to replace 118 NE gear box by a gear box having over dirve any body have a idea which gear box will be mated with.

  87. Hi !
    I am a great fan of Premier Padmini. I bought my first car 1981 model and had it for a couple of yeras. Replaced it with another Padmini of 1988 model and disposed it off.
    Now I am looking for getting one again and I am in Chennai.

    Riding a fiat is just like flying. I can use my thumb effortlessly to control the steering wheel which is not possible with MArutis / Indicas and the so called power steering driven vehicles.

    Contact me at


    I know a good mechanic in Delhi. He’s economic too.
    Even i am a proud owner of Fiat Padmini Diesel and was looking for one good mechanic and finally i found one. He knows this car well.

    For any queries, feel free to mail me on –

  89. Premier Padmini 137D runs like a jet. My car was my dad’s favourite and now its
    has become my favourite. My 1995 Padmini was under a hut for 8 years in my hometown Darbhanga, Bihar. I got it in Delhi by the Maruti Car carrier truck.
    And still It gets ignited in a single self.

    Is it possible to get an Ac fitted in the car?
    This is question for Diesel Fiat owners.

  90. Can anyone suggest from where I can get the engine changed. My father owns a 88 padmini. since v ‘v decided not to sell it, I want to modify it. want to put a more efficient engine, for the existing engine is beyond service/repairs now. Plz help guys.

  91. Hi to all fellow Premier Padmini owners.

    I own a 1996 Premier Padmini S1 model and require the self starter assembly for the car. This is the first time in 12 years a spare part has been hard to find and thats a worrying thought for me.

    Specifically I am based in Hyderabad and if someone can suggest a spare part dealer / shop / outlet in Hyderabad or Chennai, that would be most helpful.

    Look forward to some help from you guys out there.






  93. @K kisna,
    your overheating problem lies in a very rich mixture. try to tune the engine by a good mechanic.

    you can use coolant in the radiator but u’ll need to fit an extra reservoir.

    change ALL cylinders in the braking circuit. check brake liners and shoes.change them if necessary.

    you can go for the alloys.

    Go for a newer S1 engine.donot change your gearbox. in Mumbai you’ll get a S1 engine in 15000 bucks.


  94. i want to buy a padmini or fiat 1100 and i have found a few in delhi…i am a foriegner and i dont know how to go about it. i fund a very cute 1954 model and i hope to be seeing it this week but i am bt apprehensive about buying…can someone help?

  95. hi everybody i would like to buy a padmini.if anyone interested from tirunelveli or madurai in tamilnadu give me a mail .

  96. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am in Bangalore. Please let me know a good condition Fiat car Karnataka registration only ,if it is Bangalore regtn ok, between 1989 to 1999 .My mail id



  97. Hi All,

    I am from Bangalore and I own a FIAT PREMIERE PADMINI 1988 Model.
    Can any one suggest me a good mechanic in Bangalore for the entire engine work.


  98. hi there to all,this is an answer to my friend keshav sahay’s question.yes it is possible to fit ac in padmini137d infact i too own the same model and same year car.dear keshav the cooling in padmini137d is 30-40% more than in the petrol engine models.believe me i enjoy the cooling in my car.ofcourse but u have to get fitted the superking car air condition as it is recommended and very powerful.any1 with query can contact me at,mumbai,mulund,9820429451,9821596614.Ritesh S Khanna.

  99. hi all ppl who wish to sell a fiat old car plz contact me with full details an photos an ur contact number..Regards..><..

  100. Hello mates,i recently become a great fan of fiat PREMIERE PADMINI /1100 D,we had this car till 1995 that was 1989 model,my father maintained it very well,and i learn driving on that car only ,it was a real padmini(an angel),but i regret that i make my father sell that car.and my dad still miss it,i feel very upset when i listen that from my father…..,so now i wonna correct my mistake by buying a very good condition PADMINI
    and after doing some modifications i will gift it to my father…so guys pls help me to find a very good condition padmini with original paint between 1990-1997,and if some body have diesel version(factory fitted most likely in 1997 models), i will love to buy that. pls email me on .., ( )with pictures.

  101. hi, Everybody.

    Even I own a FIAT PRESIDENT model: 1974 I am very happy with the car. we got that car from my dad’s employeer maintained with the orignal looks as, orginal streeing wheel, orginal instrument cluster, orginal tyers with white valve.

    I wish if any body can help me out to get the new tyers with/ with out white valve so that i can use the car regularely with our any worriers.

  102. Dear Ritesh,

    I am happy that i got someone who has the same car. You have already answered about the AC, what about the noise? Is engine noise there inside the cabin? And what is the mileage you get? Also, i would like to know how the car behaves on the busy roads of Mumbai? And also i want you to comment on this car’s power compared to other cars now.

    Thanks a tonne!

  103. Hi jaggi, I can understand what you are going through and would like to help you, I saw a padmini in Hyderabad. 1996 S1 petrol engine, white in colour, comfortable seats, 4 very good tyres. also I have my friend’s car, 1986, in immaculate condition. If u need any help mail me (, let me help you in your quest 🙂


  105. Hi, I want to buy Padmini car body. I f anyone to sell it, please contact me. Really i want to buy it.

  106. Hi All,
    I’m looking at a good mechanic who can help me restore my Fiat 1956 model in Bangalore. It needs to be painted & also has some engine work
    Any help will be appreciated

    Contact 9740100887

  107. Hi SG, congrats for being a proud owner of a 1956 fiat, thats an awesome small car, even I am looking for one. Regarding the restoration I would suggest to first have a survey done with Fiat club if you have it at bnglore or you can be a member of few forums on the net where you will find a great help. I can help you my email id is cheers buddy and best of luck.

  108. i.m looking at good car driver &i drive any car in delli n c r i need a job plees cntect meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  109. I own a 1968 delight and trying to get it registered in Mumbai. The RTO wants an invoice that shows the car value to arrive at the road tax payable. Does anyone have an invoice for an old fiat – It has to be of Mumbai dealer and can be of any fiat model between 1968-1978. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Am also looking to buy another fiat – the older the better. Its an original machine at heart – no electronics – wow.


  110. The RTO rules is old and needs to be changed. Today an individual is changing their residence frequently to due to transfer/better opportunities. One India but different rules. Or at least the govt can make a rule who wants to pay a central tax so that their vehicle can be moved freely. I am facing the same problem for reregistering in Karnataka RTO. They wanted original invoice! Beautiful country, fantastic rules. Those who want to pay tax, govt doesn’t want. Change old outdated rules.

  111. hai all, (especially Mr.Ashokan)

    i am very eager to buy premier padmini 137D within Tamil Nadu. if you have premier padmini 137D above 1990 Model please dont hesitate to email to me.

    i am waiting for reply.

    dear Mr.Ashokan, if you are willing to sell your car, please send mail to me.


    K.Faleel Rahman

  112. Dear Mr.Faleel Rahman,

    Thank you for the interest you have shown on my car. My car is not for sale cos my son is using it at Chennai and he loves it. He is a sift ware Er and still he and his friends are having 137 D Fiat ( the craze started by my son of course). f you want a decent 137D TN registration I can look in to that.

  113. Dear Mr.Asokan,

    thanks for your immediate response. yes sure. i want to buy a decent one only. if u please dont forget to mail to me .thanks

    one good news for you. please see below

    Premier Auto To Re-Enter Indian Market with SUV!

    Fiat Premier Padmini is unforgettable! One of India’s oldest car companies, Premier Auto, owned by the Doshi family, is ready to re-enter the Indian …click here to read more

    please visit for more details for the above.

  114. Hi All,

    I wanted to buy a Fiat and have been looking for one, but did not find one yet. I am in Bangalore and if anyone of you know anyone who wants to sell their Fial padmini (which is on good condiiton) please ask them to contact me or give me their contact details. email:


  115. Hi Fiat folks,

    Its great to see the endless names list of Fiat lovers, I am glad to be a part of this lovely community.

    There is no doubt that Fiat aka Premier Padminis’ are performers, the greatet secret of this car is SIMPLYCITY simple mechanism, Quality. The car can easily out beat any other car in its class/calibration of todays generation.

    These cars are preferred as classic collection, modificators choice, even these cars were used for rallying in India by our veterans. They look awesome.

    Its simple car with loads of logic and magic………


  116. Mr Uttam

    Thanks for showing intrest in Padmini. Its not hard/difficult to find one for yourself in Hyderabad there are tens of cars for you in fact the sad thing is they are now getting scrapped in the markets (which I hate). You can keep an eye at the scrap market at AFZAL GUNJ, check with people there. Unfortunately even neat cars are also landing up there. Check with people out there. A fairly neat car should not cost you more than 14-15k at the market.

    Do post your e-mail ID or phone number in this fourm, I am sure people out there are ready to help including me.

    A L L T H E V E R Y B E S T! May god bless you with a good FIAT aka PADMINI.

  117. Hi Asokan,
    This is Senthil,I am looking for Fiat,Please suggest me Petrol /Diesel version which one can i buy.

  118. Hi Senthil,

    Which part of India(Tamilnad) you are living now. In my opinion Diesel version 137D is best that too if you get a floor shift gear model it is very good,but getting a good diesel one is bit difficult now a days.
    Wish you good luck.


  119. Hi Mr.Vickram,

    I agree with you that there are some good cars are getting scrapped in Chennai too, and when ever I see a car getting broken in the yard, I felt a lot pain.

    By the way, you mentioned a good car is 14k-15k!!, it seems very cheap over there, here in Tamilnadu it costs 30 to 35K.


  120. Hi,

    If any of Padmini lovers need a brand new engine head remember me.

    Now, I have only one original head left, manufactured by – PAL.

    Contact me on +91 982 079 8894


  121. Hi friends …am 22 now .ma dad got a fiat 1968 model way back when i was in fourth grade..she looked beautiful as first drive with her was might be when i was in sixth grade am a good d diver and can drive any dam car..we got a indigo marina back in 2005 and after that we din pay much attention towards ma fiat really feel sorry sometimes ..thats because she had a serious break problem ..and so obviously din drive her at all …ma fiat had a good paint new interiors new tyres but the break thing was bad …i love her a lot she looks dam good even today when i wash her during dasera as if she is sayin am still alive don forget me..the last time when i started her was in mid of 2007 and after that i just gave up din pay attentio n at all but i knew she was good enough but the excitment of the new car ws so much that i din think of correcting her brakes at all..but every year when i use to wash her for dasera i just use to sit an adore her she really looked beutiful,,some days back suddenly ma dad said lets give our fiat to someone who can use it ..i couldnt take at all as if someone is gonna take part of ma heart…i then dicided that is somedays back i wont let that happen ..i wont let ma sweet heart some other now ma brain started workin..i got two bottles of oil poured into her and got a petrol of 200 rs and took ma indigo ka battery and gave her supply…i thought she wont even reply at all thought she would be angry with me ..then with ma fingures crossed i twisted the key i heard ma sweet hearts voice after three years ..but now i was still not sure if she will start and will be alive ..i gave her ingnition for more seven times and beleave me at the eight time touch wood yes she started yes she was speaking so very smooth so very nice ..felt like never before ….then i got a mechanic and plannin out for goa with her and ma friends…friends just wanna tel you its a good car keep her if you have feelings attached to her she wont let you down speak wit her tell her how much you love her and how much you really care for you all fiats and their oweners …

  122. I have been a great fan of fiat .this car is very comfortable and economical to maintain.if u have a good knowledge about cars …nothing better than this .these cars need a good knowledge other wise at times it creates a problem as we all know these cars are not new.send me a mail if u want to know how to take care of these cars.

  123. Hi there,

    I am in the UK and I am wondering where I can get the spares for the Fiat 137D engine, and will they ship to the UK.

    Thanks in anicipation.

  124. hi all, i am also great fan for Fial Premier padmini. why dont we ask to premier ltd to
    start to produce again premier padmini car? i think if we send request Premier auto ltd, they may be consider or will do the survey about that. think .

    my sugesstion is if premier auto ltd produce the same design but latest technology,

  125. and interior, with reasonable price, i am sure premier padmini will give tuff competition to other international brand cars. dear padmini fans consider to send request to PAL. thanks

  126. Hi, i like Permier padmini & many people like this car. premier padmini is not failuer model, accualy i.e.some company problems about their personal issue, but people like that to restart premier padmini dissel version added with modify new technology of power stearing, power gear & breaks.

  127. HI,

    I am also a big fan of the Premier Padmini 137d model.
    We own a 1995 model,she looks like a gracious lady,I love her for her elegant looks, I want to drive her with all the comfort of a brand new luxury car.I wish if there are any best mechanics for remodelling the interiors in Chennai.

  128. Hi friends i am from looking for a fiat 118 in bangalore within 35,000.if there is anyone intrested in sellin a good car call me.

  129. Hi Folks,

    I am happy to see you all still loving Fiats/Premier Padminis. Indeed these machines are still as good as any other car. Infact I compare them as Mustangs (Ford) in India.

    I have a Premier Padmini 1990 model and its still original and did close to 30,000 and trust me guys goes like a Rocket. I enjoy her throughly. She gives me all the fun which a muscle car could give. I always wanted to have a Italian Fiat for me which has come true. I now own a 1965 Fiat Delight which to my fortune is a single owner and very original including the paint. All fittings are Aluminium, original Dials, logo etc I am planning to give her a through restoration and just enjoy her for my lifetime.

    Thanks Folks,

    FIATtitude continues….

  130. Hi All,
    I am a great fan of Fiat Padmini Premier from my childhood days, recently from my family friend i got a well maintained 1980 model, unfortunetly the car was not used for a very long time(nearly 2years). I took it and with the help of one of the oldest fiat specalist Mr. Soundarajan from Chennai(Perimet), the loving one is came to l running condition. What is the maximum mileage (Petrol) can i expect from the loving car (or) for optium running shall i change to Gas. Kindly guide me on this.
    And to improve on Petrol mileage what should i have to do. Please help me on this with your valuable suggestion and guideline & advice. Thanks with cheers Sara…

  131. Hi. I want to know whether there are mechanics of FIAD PADMINI in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad area. Where can I get spare parts?

    Please help.

  132. Great Vikram for your 1965 Fiat. If u have any photos of ur fiat kindly sent me to my mail id : And how much estimation as given for restoreration, because i am also planning for restoreration of my loving car. What is the milage ur getting and what can be expected max. Kindly let me know it.
    Wish you all the best for ur restoreration.

  133. have a 1997 Fiat 137 D in a very very good condition.
    I have spend around 25K now.
    It is in Coimbatore and its a single owner car.
    With Original bucket seat and floor shift.
    I am planning to sell my car. if you c the car you will definitely like.
    pls mail me at

  134. Dear FIAT lovers,

    Since I’m moving to abroad I thought of giving my FIAT 137D. It is a 1997 model, Diesel Engine,Bucket seat (with safety belts) in very good condition( I used to drive from Thiunelveli to Bangalore (600 KMs)often with out any trouble and the mileage I get is 20+. My number is 9600072495 and email id is If any one interested please contact me.

  135. Dear Sir,
    Can you tell me the location of the car ( Chennai etc ) and the kilometers run so far? What’s the price you are quoting ?
    I’m very much interested in buying the same. My mobile 9444656331.

  136. Hi folks, I have a premier padmini 1991 model and due to the atrosious fuel prices in Hyderabad I am unable to use the car which I wanted to so now I have decided to convert into LPG. I would like to know the personal experiences of people who have converted their cars to LPG, please let me know the merits and de merits of the same. Do let me know about the personal experiences after converting the car to LPG which I will be thankful to you and it would be another effort to save few more cars which are sitting idle due to fuel expenses.


  137. Hi

    I am looking nice model above 95 Fiat diesel with AC preferred non AC also intrested. I am looking this car to gift my uncle who is fiat lover. I am from Hyderbad. if any one intrested kindly mail me on

  138. dear Fiat lovers ,
    I felt very happy by learning quantam fiat loving community ,
    I am joining to this community with the ideas you may like my friends–
    ” we are proud of our old premier padmini car which we liked in past , love today and will ever adore till end of my life to propagate ideas of old is gold , peaceful coexistence , pollution freeworld ;love your elderly parents and grandparents ” I tell you that this IDEA WILL BE SUPPORTED BY ALL FIAT LOVERS.

  139. Hi guys,

    i want to buy a fiat padmini on urgent basis pls cal me urgently im from mumbai … my number is 09324477012

  140. Hi,
    i have 1996 model very less driven disel fiat now i want to modified it please help me.
    i want to know from where i get spears for premier padmini 137d . & which magwheel can be fitted (i want size)

    i want front separate seat and foot mounted gear box( currently i have hand gear with single front seat) any one want gear box and seat?
    please send me the reply on

  141. Guys planning to modify their fiats ,a humble request ,PLEASE DO NOT SCREW UP THE FIAT ,
    It looks and sound s great in the original.
    If the sound is what that matters ,get a sports silencer the roar is outstanding.

  142. Available : Originally Black coloured Premier President 1973 model Car. No any major paintng denting & engine maintenance is required.

  143. every old fiat lovers,
    I am having 1985 model premier padmini and refurfished thrice ,recently by 2007.Further I want to more power by change its parts with newone! Anybody can help me?1

  144. Sir,
    I have a FIAT Premier Padmini 1995 model and wish to sell it. It has got bright white color, AC, Lovato AutoLPG kit, new batteries and tyres. Kindly contact me for details and price.
    Ganesh Kumar, Chennai Ph 90259 47167

  145. Hi i also love the padmini and want to get one
    If anyone knows pl write to me I stay in Thane District Maharashtra.

  146. i like fiat padmini cars. i had a petrol fiat car in old time.there after i have buy diesel fiat padmini model of 1999.since it is with me in running condition.I want to purchase fiat safari model.Please help me to find out fiat safari model.if anyone have information mail me at

  147. Hi guys,

    I am from chennai and i purchased a 1998 floor geared fiat padmini diesel for 55000. The engine is excellent just some tinkering and painting needs to be done… it gives me a mileage of incity 22 and highways 25.. first i was hesitant to buy it but now i feel like a king when driving the car… its awesome… now im pretty confident to modify the car.. like alloy wheels with big radial tyres, black painting with nicale coating, dvd system with woofers… what i slight feel uncomfortable is the brakes.. it is actually oil brakes which we have to pump to stop it.. the question is whether we can upgrade it to power brakes and also can we upgrade power stearing etc? please throw some light on my questions..

    im in my 26 and always dreamy of driving a vintage car.. 🙂

  148. hyy i have 1989 model fiat padmini …origioinal blue color…petrol +lpg gas kit itealy….singel handed …price…35000RS

  149. Hi everybody, I own a fiat padmini 137D diesel 1985 model car and in process to revive it. I need to know the make and model number of Fuel pump for this car in order to procure it from CST kurla in mumbai or if any one can post photo of the fuel pump I will be highly obliged. regards

  150. I too have a Premier Padmini S1 (1997) Petrol. It runs like a king on the road. Highway mileage 22 km/l. I am 65+, even if I want to sell it, my children, in their twenties, won’t allow. The elder, who is in states, denands that it should be handed over to him when he returns in 2017. It’s a loving car, so loyal and so much different from the other cars on the street.

  151. Hi I have premier padmini car 1992 model its performance was 2007 a mechanic advise me overhaul the engine and accordingly I got the engine overhaul. after overhauling I could not fond its performance satisfactory. please advise me/ help me .or kindly suggest a good mechanic in chandigarh or delhi

  152. Hi All,

    I have fiat Premier Padmin Diesel model. The model is of 1991. I have drove many cars but the enjoyment which u get while driving this car is not comparable with any other car. Its just awesome. I have brought it from my home town Auranagabad, so I just want an information about some good mechanics of Fiat Diesl Car- Premier Padmini. So that in future, in case of any issue i can contact that knowledgeable mechanic

  153. Hi everybody good to listen there are so many fiat premier lovers i am also having one 1992 model fiat premier 118 Ne car it is awesome while driving one concern about it is the mileage my friends suggesting me to sell it.

    1. Hi Sajid we have recently renovated Premier Padmini – Black Color…In case you are interested we can take this forward….Thanks..Prashant here

  154. Hi padmani lovers m Kapil from hyderabad m also a lover like youl’l my fiat is my first wife i love my fiat its 1995 model i completely modified it it has Lpg,floor gairs,seal tyres,interiors with curtains nd suspension is new it runs like jam nd i would thank the designer who designed this valuable car i still love i only take it on week ends out people keep watching me on the nd they appriciate the vechele nd condition any one want to have look call me on 9700331078,9640785342 but strictly not for sale

  155. i am planning to buy a fiat 1100 d which i think, the engine must a gonner for that i feel i need new one. which diesel engine would be good n i want to knw the price of the engine. am from north east india where no one drive fiat padmini.

  156. Hi Mr kapil

    i hv NE118 desiel 137Dcar,it hv straing wobling problem,it is in running condition,,myself an NRI uses this car when i was on a short vocation for a month every yr,,,,i am looking for an experianced mechanic to repair this car as i am not interested to sell,i like very much this car even i hv other modern petrol car with me,,,,cud i kindly request for any such mechanic contacts in ur known circle,the car is in hydrabad,,,,ur early response,advices & help is highly appreciated



  157. Hello Sir I am Pramod From Jodhpur Rajasthan ..i Have Premier Padmini Fiat pal & 118 Ne also .. & i love & like both of Model of fiAT .i want to get genuine spare parts of both model . IF YOU HAVE & CAN YOU ARRANGE THEN PLZ PLZ CALL on this no. 9950899099 thanku..

  158. I have a Fiat Padimini Deluxe 1988 model its A/C is working better than many new cars even now this time I can drive its without any stoppage upto 500KM with A/C even its difficult to get its part even when it is fantastic.
    I am pradeep Kumar Srivastava a resident of Barabanki District (UP)

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