The CAT Experience

It came, it shook, and it left us bamboozled. The most coveted exam in India, the tough-nut-to-crack, the ticket to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management and the what not – Common Admission Test or in short, CAT 2006, lived up to its expectations of being unpredictable. The best of strategies needed thorough rework to crack it. In one line I would say that it needed good practice and a very good strategy to kill the CAT this time. The paper was not tough qualitatively (except DI maybe!). Anyway, at the end of it all, I feel amused. Quite amused actually!

I reached the exam hall full 45 mins before start – at 10:15. Man, I was bored to death till it started. Reading some displays carrying sanskrit shlokas, traffic rules, stuff on moral education etc put by school students on walls of hall was fun indeed. And, then looking at all those faces with ‘just bring it’ look made me chuckle! More than 5 months of preparation for this – they wanted to beat it up badly, baby.

And then it started. I took a hurried look at the paper, made a few quick decisions like a top manager and jumped onto DI 2 marks questions. Got first 4 questions and started feeling ‘it’. Then wasted approx. 20 mins on 8 questions which did not yield any answer. Dented, I looked further and solved 4 more. So, I was done with DI in about 45 mins. Could have done some 1 markers if I had not wasted time in those 8 questions. Anyway, I was happy with the start.

Then I picked up Quant. This is where I started to loose. Now, the time was running faster than my watch. I was trying hard to solve them, but they didn budge. I realized I hadnt practiced much. There were so many which I felt I should have got, but I didn. Anyway, fast forward 40 mins and came Verbal Ability. I realised it did not have many passages for reading comprehension and the questions were a touch tougher than usual. Till this time the ‘it’ feeling had transformed into ‘i dont care’ thing. Probably, thats why verbal went smoothly (not good though).

And alas it ended.

Ok. So, why am I amused at my debacle? Well, as I am writing this, I am feeling a very strange feeling inside me – utter respect for CAT and the urge to tame it just for the heck of it. CAT is a very unusual test. It takes a lot out of you and one really needs to be on top of their game to counter its challenges and unpredictability. Frankly, I am impressed with the shock that it can give you. Probably, I am starting to enjoy the challenge. Maybe I will become obsessed with the idea of taming it. Just maybe.

Endnote for everyone who read till here – I ran into CAT without any serious preparations. I am not even highly inclined to do MBA at this stage and the _rest_ is another story altogether. As I perceive it, to crack CAT, one needs to be a master strategist. You dont write CAT, You play mindgames with it.

3 thoughts on “The CAT Experience

    The below tips is not called cheat**g, its just a show of Really smart manager u r My dear..!!

    1)*Just Go ahead and Restart: Its just one great golden back ground scoring rule .u can jot down the question on your rough paper till the server reconnects (that will take 10-15 min)u can score at least 3-4 DI question in the background.

    2) *Time sharing Method 1:let ur friend sitting next to u (obviously since in many cases cat server allotted the seats on 1st come 1 serve bases) start 5-7 min earlier .so he can easly help u out after he finished his exam And u can help him out before beginning ur the exam …as the security during this period is very very low .
    3)*Time sharing Method 2:U can solve 1 section and ur friend can start with other then u can easily interchange. Since the seats r very close room is big, invigilator won’t even notice:
    Here r the few ways to inter change ur ans:
    1)Directly look from his pc: I just don’t know what they at doing with the cameras, As the place where the images from the camera were sent , hardly there were any invigilator paying any attention to those images
    Also the images sent by the camera to the control place which itself is in the lab r very small for a person to clearly figure out what the candi date is doing, Invigilator were not that at ease with the computer systems and there eyes r tired.only 2-3 offical from prometric r there and they r just sooooo tired,they are whole time engaged in formalities they just don’t hv time to look at u and not to mention only one computer expert in the whole hv the just the basic knowledge related to the work,ofcourse they can help u is u hv some problem but if u r smart they cant catch u ..any wayz I dnt recommend u this method as this is not fully safe Read on I tell u more 100% sure shot safe ways ..!!

    2)What hv no Guts to cheat from ur neighbors’s pc , no Probs: here is the second method, They provide us with the rough sheets & the distance between the seats is very less. Ask ur frd to jot down the ans and the question no . against of the section he is doing 1st it & u do the same .and then u both can hv the each other fruit of hard work. They might warn u when they caught u sneaking the pc screen of ur neighbor ..but surely they cant even know the if u see the ans frm ur neighbor sheets.u even don’t need to move ur head to see his sheet. Seats r just so close(He just hv to place this prepared sheet on the key board table )

    Girls just want to have some fun :Here is the good news for beautiful ladies out there ..!!just have fun u will either ignored when using some of the tips of this cheat sheet, or in given a warning and better make use of both beauty and brain.
    3)Luck by chance:
    Question r repeated: 1) do the mocks especially mock and proc 6 and 7+ 5 previous year cat papers from face to face . Quant section will be as smooth as knife cuts through butter.
    2) cant get the concept no probs justget the basic ones up ….!! They r being repeated.

    4)Others:One of invigilator n my room, who was taking the finger prints had a very week eye sight .he was able to perform his job with a lots of pain and so were the other 3 invigilators who were so fat that they were able to take round of room only once in 10 min.
    And on the top of that they were very causal any cheating done they just warned .
    5)The good news: Friend in need is friend is indeed: well those of u who had filled the test location and vouchers together it’s a large possibility that u will sit next to each other and then can make a good use of rule 2 and 3. The cat servers allotted the seats together
    6)Finally cat 2009 =Its all about luck: oye luck..oye lucky oye..!! as queston paper changes hence the level and also the level. Its not the right way to acess the a person capability.for example paper on 4th was one of the easiest one out of all up till now.

    These American companies come from a capitalist society they hardly care about (we the) people they will not conduct the second exam or any sort of thing they just r about profits hv no values, And values which they proclaim r enforced on they so they just can make a good poppy image In the market.

    One was the dau chemicals and other is prometric
    Fundamental Rights violated
    1)fundamental right of equity.
    2) fundamental right :The right to freedom from exploitation
    3) fundamental right Cultural and educational rights
    ** Presented by the King of Diamonds(HB)…!!**

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