Wish > Click > Wait

MakeMyTripWaitWasn’t that Wish > Click > Go? It was, but only till I did the Wish and the Click.

MakeMyTrip shot into public view with their aggressive marketing (neat campaign made by WebChutney guys). Lowest airfares, wish > click > go etc. sounded very promising. So, when I had to travel to Bangalore, I decided to use MakeMyTrip to book my air tickets. It all looked very good. Their website is cool and yes, the lowest airfare claim stands good. So, I booked 4 tickets for Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi. Payments done. Confirmations done. Problem starts.

These guys promise a 3 business day delivery of tickets at your doorstep, a promise which fell apart terribly in my case. I booked my tickets on April 12th (Wed), and received a notification from my credit card company that payments have been made on the next day. So, I called up MakeMyTrip customer care (getting thru is pain, as always) and asked about confirmation and when will I get the tickets. The lady on the other end promised a 3 day delivery, and suggested me to wait till April 17th (Monday; Friday and Sunday were holidays). So, I waited, and Monday passed silently. On Tuesday, I called them up again. They told me that there was some problem and they are clearing tickets of passengers who are traveling on dates earlier than mine (awk!). I asked them if the tickets were ready for collection if I happen to drop into their office. The lady replied “Sure! You will need to carry an identification proof”. (I am Cactus Jack)

On the same day, I got an email from MakeMyTrip apologizing for the delay due to some technical snag and promised delivery in next 8 days. I decided to wait for a few days. I called them up again on Thursday. The enthusiastic lady from MakeMyTrip said that she will dispatch the tickets right away and I should get them in next 3 days (huh!?). The whole week passed.

I have to travel in the first week of May and the last week of April was about to logon and I didn have the tickets. I kept trying the customer care on Sunday, but to no avail. All enthusiastic people were sleeping. Until now, I had this confidence that no matter what, I can go to their office and collect tickets from there manually (which is bad, but not as bad). So, I decided to pay them a visit on Monday, 24th April (12 days had passed till now). I went and demanded my tickets. The polite receptionist politely asked me to wait for 10 mins. Ok. About 20 mins passed. I pinged her. She said that she will just go and check the status. Ok. She came in 10 mins and told me that your tickets are coming in a moment. By now I realized that I am dealing with extremely slow and unprofessional people.

After 45 mins in all, I told her very clearly what my problem is and for how long I have been put on hold. She hurried, went inside and came back in 10 mins with an ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) of 10 mins. She said that the executive is issuing tickets right now. Issuing tickets right now? Crazy crap! What the hell were you guys doing for 12 days? Sleeping over the money that I had paid? After exactly 10 mins, I went to her and asked her to check whats going on inside. She went inside and took 15 mins and came back with the tickets. I asked her what was the problem, and she replied innocently that there was some technical problem (doh! I should have guessed). I checked the tickets and found them as I ordered. So, 4 tickets actually got issued and delivered after 12 days and 1 hour. So much so for the 3 day delivery commitment. And so much so for Wish > Click > Go.

Cherry on the cake – not 1 but 2. The lady did not ask me for any identification. I had to actually tell her that I was told that you guys need to see the identification (hilarious!). And just when I was leaving, the same lady told me that the executive forgot to stamp one of the tickets. So, she took them back and came back in 5 mins. I double checked the tickets and left.

The other side: My friend Kamalmeet is also traveling to Bangalore. He got his tickets issued and delivered to him by a local travel agent in Connaught Place in half an hour precise. Impressive. Only pain he had to undergo was of traveling to Connaught Place and placing his order.

So, MakeMyTrip guys, congrats! You guys lost your first time customer. I was moved into you by your advertisements. But after experiencing such unprofessional and amateur service, I am disappointed and find the local travel agent a better guy to deal with than you and your enthusiastic staff. Thank you.

Another MakeMyTrip victim
MakeMyTrip is a bunch of clowns

13 thoughts on “Wish > Click > Wait

  1. Kapil, i know it’s a worst experienced you had with Makemytrip!!!

    But, we have to give them second chance to rectify there error. And I must say we have to provide every one a second chance. So do provide them and look forward.

    As I do and got every warm response with great service including “Warmly written Apologies Letter (too good)” and a pleasant gift.

    Here it goes……………. Read it very nice service I ever had came across:

    Dear Shilpa,

    When an absent minded husband forgets an anniversary, he apologizes profusely, often holding a bunch of beautiful flowers. And sure enough, he gets a second chance.

    When that waiter brings you the wrong order, you ask him to take it back and get it right the next time. That too, is a second chance.

    When a student fails in college in March, he gets to appear for his exams again in September. That’s a second chance.

    Life is all about second chances, isn’t it?

    What we are trying to say is that we are truly sorry for not living up to your expectations the first time around. We will make sure this does not happen again. But that would be possible only if you give us a second chance.

    You can get in touch with me directly at geeta.eral@makemytrip.com.

    Thanks and regards,

    Geeta Eral
    Manager – Customer Service
    Tel: +91 11 4253 5153
    Mobile: 9910361221

    So, give them one more chance, and then evaluate them.


  2. I too had a worst experience recently. I booked a ticket through http://www.makemytrip.com and I contacted them for changing my return journey date and the response was quite horrible. First time, when I called, they told to call the Airlines directly. Airlines told, this is a consolidated ticket and they can’t do anything on it and I have to contact the site customer service (I would rather call the customer service of makemytrip a bunch of jokers and clowns). First fault here is how can makemytrip customer service direct me to the airlines directly when they should be knowing that I cannot make any changes directly with the airlines.

    Now the next drama, I called to reach the guy who sent me the confirmation email for my ticket reservation(love.shukla@makemytrip.com) and the person attending that 1800india10 number never put him online saying he was not around. This continued twice. Next thing I sent a mail directly to the customercare@makemytrip.com (good idea for them is to change this id to jokers@makemytrip.com or wewontrespond@makemytrip.com) on May 12th and there is no response from them.

    Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 11:14:19 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Re: Schedule Change.
    To: “CustomerCare@MakeMyTrip”

    I want to change my return date from July 6th to July 8th. I tried contacting MakeMyTrip and they told to reach the Lufthansa directly and When I contacted Lufthansa they are saying that it is a consolidated ticket and they can’t do the change. What is going on here? I need my return date to be changed to July 8th. Please let me know.(Ticket Details are found below)

    After a long wait without any sign of response, as a follow up I again sent a mail on May 17th and believe me even a dead object might move sometimes but not the customercare@makemytrip.com . No response again. Here is that mail –

    Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 18:28:33 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Fwd: Re: Schedule Change.
    To: customercare@makemytrip.com


    I did not recieve a response or a call for my mail which I sent on May 12th for the ticket I booked through YOUR SITE i.e., http://www.makemytrip.com (In case you are not sure, please go through the details below). See the following communication below. I have left my number twice by calling up the so-called CUSTOMER SERVICE number you guys have it on your website!!!!!!!!!!.. What is the problem here? Is this the level of customer service with a mail id in the name of “CUSTOMERCARE” ?????????

    I NEED A REPLY ASAP !!!!!!

    I thought I have given them enough chance and gave a call to customer service and I think the name of the person who attended the phone is Shilpa (not too sure of her name). Anyways, I just shouted at them for not responding for my emails and again a it was like shouting at a Dead Object (email id also no response, Person attending customer care too has no response – what an organisation!!!!). Without answering to that she told, I cannot make a ticket change before the start of my travel. To get this answer I had to struggle for a month. ok…the story does not end here. Here is the next irritating thing they told. See the following text on their ticket confirmation email sent by Harish.Kumar@MakeMyTrip.com

    There was no mention on how to do that anywhere on the email. Continuing on the phone talk, the custmor service on the phone told, I will have to change the return date change after coming to India and also, if I use makemytrip customer service (i mean jokers) to do that, I have to pay USD 50. I was like getting on my nerves when I heard this. Why in the world they did not mention it in the start when they send the DETAILED confirmatory email I was like “what the heck are you guys talking. Why do you call it customer service and not even responding to my emails and atlast asking me to contact the airlines directly when the ticket is booked by you guys” and that I told “I won’t pay a penny for the change but I would contact them after coming to India”. She told she would IMMEDIATELY Send me an email. This was on May 22nd Monday. Now it is getting close to May 28th confirming all the talk we had on phone. Till now there are no mails from them. Simply saying, I definitely would not use their service again and the service they provide can be shared across all Desi folks in U.S in one way or other so that folks would well be aware of makemytrip.com’s worst service. Thinking of starting a blog just for makemytrip’s worst service, so that everyone can share their agony.

  3. Hi,

    My friends in Mumbai booked a Kashmir Holiday with Make My Trip.Com and their travel was bombay-delhi-srinagar-delhi-bombay.

    on reaching mumbai airport, the airline rep was shocked to see them at bombay airport as make my trip had booked them delhi-bombay instead of bombay-delhi.

    the entire holiday was a comedy of errors, unfulfilled commitments and many other such instances of changing hotels from 5 star to budget etc.

    even after getting in touch with the portal from srinagar, the arrangements went from bad to worse. To top it up when they reached delhi airport for the flight back, the tickets were cancelled. just because they were in touch with sachin bhatia on his mobile, their every woe had a window of opportunity to be addressed.

    make my trip = make a disastourous trip

  4. Here is one more story of

    Recently I have purchased a ticket with MakeMyTrip.Com , I think they are one of the ticketing agents for Lufthansa. I got the ticket and things went fine. When I want to postpone the date of return which is suppose to be 5th of June, I called the agents and asked them to postpone the ticket for me, as ther terms I’m ready to pay $150 for the change of date. I called them on 31 st of May 2006. They informed me 48 hours advance notice should be fine and I’m informing them too early.

    I called them again on 3rd night. They took my request and tried to postpone the ticket for second week of July or first week of August. Thdy did not find a date. They informed my that prices are gone high and we need to contact Lufthansa and see what they can do.Customer care informed me that, they will work with Lufthansa and get back to me regarding this and asked me to wait for theire response.

    I was calling them for every 5-6 hours, I got the answer that , they are still waiting for the response from Lufthansa.

    on the day of journey, the agent kept saying, I was too late, and it is a ” no show ” and they cannot do anything with my case. when I started questioning , they started saying, I haven’t given enough time for them to postpone the ticket.

    Make My trip is Make the hell – They just burnt my money.

  5. I am really shocked to read all these things from all of you guys about Make My Trip since I really have an excellent experience with them. I usaully travel to Dubai, Pune, Cohin and Trivandrum and very first time i tried their service was in December 2005 and since then i have booked 6 times and never ever faced a problem. Yes I can understand that since they do handle lot many visitors in a day things would get delayed but not replying to email is not a good ettiquette. I would suggest all of you gusy to try things once again and i hope things will be great this time.
    As far as Travelguru is concerened their service is really really bad and worst of all i had to spent 30 mins on hold for make my trip it was an average of 3 -4 mins for me.

  6. Hi

    I have used make my trip atleast 6 to 7 times and have found them very very efficient…

    Never did I experience any probs with date change / or any other stuff..

    I would give them 100 marks for a great product and service



  7. Hi All,

    I’ve used MakeMyTrip.com three times to book tickets for the trips from USA to INDIA. I got very good deals, and never had any problems. One time I had to leave at very short notice (death in the family) they issued an e-ticket for flight just 6 hrs before departure, and were very understanding about my situation.

    I recommend them to my friends and those that tried it also had satisfactory experiences.

    I would definitely contact them again for my travel needs.


  8. Dear All,

    I too would like to share my worst experiences with this makemytrip.com. I think no one should ever try and do any business with them. Let me narrate my three unpleasant experiences with them.

    1. I booked a flight ticket from Mumbai to Hyderabad one month in advance. When I selected my fllight and was taken to the payment gateway ccavenues.com. I paid the required amount through my net banking website. After that nothing happened, and site page went blank. I sent them a mail explaining the problem. After three days, they came back saying that there was a techhical error and all my booking details have been lost. They advised me to give all details of booking so that they will book again. Again it took almost a week for them to come back and send me a ticket. Meanwhile, I was restless without any proper response from them having paid for the ticket.

    2. They said, by using this ticket booking refernce, I can avail a discount of Rs. 1000/- if I make a hotel booking through their website. I was going to Shirdi so I made a booking for a hotel in Shirdi, Hotel Saish. Everything about the hotel on their website was great. To my horror, when I reached this hotel, I found it is very dirty and poorly maintained. The bath room was dirty, the room was dirty and the sheets were so dirty and had lots of stains on them. The air conditioner had seen better days. It is not certainly worhy of Rs. 2000/- daily charge for the room. We couldnt just sleep on those beds. I wrote a strong letter of protest and all they said was that they will convey this to the hotel concerned instead of straightaway removing that hotel from their website.

    3. Again on the third time, I booked a hotel in Mumbai through their website. The same drama went again. AFter making payment through my net banking site, the page went blank. This time, I didnt have enough time also. I frantically sent them mails saying that payment is already debited to my bank account and their collecting website (ccavenues.com) have sent me a mail confirming receipt of payment. They replied after three days, that there was a technical error and they couldnt trace any details. I sent them mails sent to me from ccavenues.com and also the mail sent to me by my bank debiting my acccount. There was no reply and time was running out. I called them on their toll free line and was online for one hour and some customer service manager says, he will work on it and would come back to me. After several mails and messages, finally I got a mail from them (I was to travel next day, no hotel booking confirmed) saying that they cannot do anytihng about this and that they will refund my money in 7 days. It is already more than 7 days and I havent received any payment. All this after a lot of harassment and frantic phone calls. They had the temerity to suggest that I should make another booking through their website and pay again!!1

    All the above three experiences have really rattled me and I recommend to everyone never to deal with this makemytrip.com and get into trouble.

    I was dealing with one Mr. Gur Simran who promises everything but does nothing.

  9. I recently booked a domestic flight from Raipur to New Delhi (flight date: 11/7/09, booking date: 10/7/09) on Kingfisher flight thru makemytrip.com. This ticket was booked over phone. While the ticket price was conveyed as 19000/-, the actual amount charged to my credit card was 29000/-, which I realised later. However, this is nothing less than fraud and I am going to complain to consumer forum.

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